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After establishing a basic 'state of health', we found that while both were running 'hot', one was running 'scalding' hot ().They both did work, and the tuners and all basic functions were there, and they each didn't sound necessarily offensive, but upon further testing into a dummy load and on a scope, we found bias issues.

Next face plates / housings / patch-bays and knobs are painstakingly cleaned and polished. We 'look' at the sine waves to make sure the controls are clean. These tests are not to test for "original spec" or deviation from that, but to test the overall health of the pre-amp / power-amp section. In addition to the dummy load we connect a calibrated digital volt meter and an oscilloscope to the outputs.

We inspect for any cold or loose solder joints especially on the input / output jacks and ground / ground-chassis, pots and switches or any other parts that might have force or flexion applied to them.

RCA jacks are notorious for developing loose solder joints especially on gear newer than 15 years or so due to manufactures choosing to solder jacks en-mass directly to the circuit boards to save money.

We then check for a 'hot chassis', meaning does it have voltage between the chassis, face, knobs etc to ground.

We do this because we once had a unit that an 'amateur' had worked on at some time in the past, prior to arriving to us.

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