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I like this book because I loved the way the author, Jeff Kinney introduces intrigue in the plot.

It turns out that when the Heffley family lost electricity and had no food it was the work of Greg’s little brother, 3 year old Manny who had deliberately turned off the main switches to every room in the house except his.

Submissions to become a pin-up are still being accepted, but those applying for dates should perhaps be wary of seeing their meeting turned into a blog post or even a future novel.

You can assess daters not only by all our old superficial standbys — height, eye color, education — but also by favorite and least favorite books and authors.

After all, a Dan Brown obsession is something you need to know sooner than later.

But Manny was upset because he had wanted his candy to have been the first one on the tree.

Another funny part was when Greg got the title of “Student of the Week” and was awarded a bumper sticker.

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