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The emphasis on Holland during the formation of the Dutch Republic, the Eighty Years' War and the Anglo-Dutch Wars in the 16th, 17th and 18th century, made Holland serve as a pars pro toto for the entire country, which is now considered either incorrect, The region called the Low Countries (comprising Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and the Country of the Netherlands, have the same toponymy.

Place names with Neder (or lage), Nieder, Nether (or low) and Nedre (in Germanic languages) and Bas or Inferior (in Romance languages) are in use in places all over Europe.

The first four are situated in The Hague, as is the EU's criminal intelligence agency Europol and judicial cooperation agency Eurojust and the United Nations Detention Unit.

This has led to the city being dubbed "the world's legal capital." It had the thirteenth-highest per capita income in the world in 2016 according to the IMF.

That welfare system, combined with its strongly redistributive taxing system, makes the Netherlands one of the most egalitarian countries worldwide.

It also ranks joint third highest in the Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index, along with Australia.

The Netherlands abolished the death penalty in 1870 and had women's suffrage introduced in 1917.

Regarding the LGBT community, it became the world's first country to legalise same-sex marriage in 2001.

Dutch comes from Theodiscus and in the past centuries, the hub of Dutch culture is found in its most populous region, Holland, home to the capital city of Amsterdam; government headquarters at The Hague; and Europe's largest port Rotterdam.

In 2017, the UN World Happiness Report ranked the Netherlands as the sixth-happiest country in the world, reflecting its high quality of life.

The Netherlands has a generous welfare state that provides universal healthcare, good public education, and infrastructure, as well as a wide range of social benefits.

Amsterdam is the country's capital, Most of the areas below sea level are artificial.

Since the late 16th century, large areas (polders) have been reclaimed from the sea and lakes, amounting to nearly 17% of the country's current land mass.

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The area known as Oberland (High country) was in this deictic context considered to begin approximately at the nearby higher located Cologne.

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