Example of non sedating antihistamine

For members with a diagnosis of allergic rhinitis the following criteria will apply: For members 2 years of age or older: *Xopenex authorization requests should document why the member is unable to use racemic albuterol.If prescribed for asthma, member should also be utilizing inhaled corticosteroid therapy for long-term control.Dose of levalbuterol requested cannot be less than the racemic equivalent documented on the prior authorization request.PA criteria: Nasal allergy medications will be included in product-based prior authorization effective 4/28/08.For women with chronic conditions such as asthma, epilepsy or heart conditions, medication may need to be continued throughout pregnancy.And it's important to remember that in every pregnancy there is a 3-5% chance of having a baby with a birth defect, even if you take no medications.

There will be times in your pregnancy when you simply don't feel well - you may have a headache, cold, allergy or backache - and you wonder if it's safe to take the same medications you took before you became pregnant.No additional bisphosphonate may be approved for 365 days following zoledronic acid infusion. Clinical Exceptions: Most recent Hb levels (and date obtained) should be included on petition. Authorization can be granted for up to 8 weeks following the final dose of myelosuppressive chemotherapy in a chemotherapy regimen.Authorization for surgery patients will be for a maximum of 4 weeks.The new sections include: Prescription drugs submitted for approval after June 30 2015, will use the new format immediately, while labeling for prescription drugs approved on or after June 30, 2001, will be phased in gradually.Labeling for OTC medicines will not change; OTC drug products are not affected by the new FDA pregnancy labeling.

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