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For such cases, make sure you activate the "hybrid" USE flag and take care of the necessary changes, explained below.- For hybrid configurations, in step 1, ensure that the line is a correct example for an RX480 card.After the compile has finished, install the kernel to If everything is correct, you'll be able to log in via ssh in moments after the system has booted up. Use the VNC console as well as the minimal ISO to check what was wrong, and fix the errors.You now have a brand-new Gentoo install sitting on your Vultr machine. First navigate to the ISO Management page and upload your ISO from remote.Almost any medium is fine for installing Gentoo, and we'll use the official minimal CD.

For a Gentoo installation on Vultr we basically need to do the following things: Let's start!The workaround is to run "eselect opengl xorg-x11", then emerge the package that was failing, then run "eselect opengl amdgpu-pro", and finally continue whatever you were doing before.- The ebuild also works for hybrid configurations, such as new laptops with an integrated Intel card and a discrete AMD one.Write the partition table and quit after you have made the right alternations. A little hint here: as rsync is costly, many servers don't allow too many frequent syncs.I recommend you sync once daily or less frequently.

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