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Each message will be forwarded as attachments in a new message.

Without the Send command, you cannot send an e-mail message.

When you forward a message, you specify the recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes.

The message will include any attachments that arrived with the original message.

Once you've selected all of the messages you want to forward, click Forward on the main Outlook Ribbon to create a new message with your other messages included as attachments.

When you forward a message, the message includes any attachments that were included with the original message.

Most people use Outlook 2007 with an e-mail account.

To add additional attachments, see Attach a file or other item to an e-mail message.

Tip: If you want to forward two or more messages, select the first message, press CTRL while selecting each additional message, and then click Forward.

When you reply to a message, attachments aren't included because you'd be sending the exact same attachment back to the person who sent it to you. Once you click Reply or Reply All, you can attach a new version of the original file or any other file you'd like to include.

If you need to send a message with its attachments to other individuals, use the Forward option.

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