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Investigators are still looking into what sparked the blaze.

Ebo Hill mansion, whose 16 bedrooms, towering portico and 48 acres of woodland made it one of Smithtown’s grandest before it fell into decline decades ago, is being bought and renovated.

Richard Albano owned the piece of Smithtown history for 18 days before it was gutted by fire.

"Our egos were crushed," he continued, but "we met our match." A few dates later, it was what it was meant to be.

Now, both of them are very much optimistic and believe they are made for each other.

Smithtown historian Brad Harris said the community was thrilled that Albano’s property was going to be renovated.“He was making progress…Chance of that now is all gone.

So we've lost another landmark in the Town of Smithtown,” said Harris.

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A historic mansion that was once owned by generations of Smithtown's founding family is a charred shell after burning to the ground in a raging fire Monday night.

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