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In most cases, dancers and musicians, other than percussion musicians, are shown in different registers, indicating that their activities may not have been as related as we might think.Even when musicians and dancers are depicted in the same register, there is usually some element that separates the two groups.The rwi, which may mean "run away", dance involved performers who frequently bear clappers ending with animal heads.

That dancing has a very long history in Egypt is clear from predynastic clay figures with hands raised above their heads and in some scenes with women in this posture accompanied by others shaking rattles on predynastic vessels.Some of the most beautiful tomb scenes are of banquets with young dancing girls, particularly dating to the New Kingdom tombs at Thebes.Other scenes depicted throughout Egyptian history of dancing are all fascinating, particularly given the ancient Egyptian artist's structured approach to depicting their actions.Though it might seem that each term would apply to a different dance, graphic evidence fails to confirm this view.Interestingly, tombs scenes bring into question the relationship between instrumental music and dance.

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