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admitted to charging 'a substantial markup' but stated that, at the time pieces were sold, the marker was as 'weak as it has ever been', reported The Advocate.'Moradi insisted unabashedly that he had done nothing wrong because he charged plaintiffs the price at which Moradi expected the jewelry could be resold in 10 to 15 years because Moradi knew (the Breeses) wanted a "long-term investment",' the filing states.

Brees (left) and his wife met Moradi (right) in 2003 and remained customers through 2016.

New Orleans Saint quarterback Drew Brees is seeking 'at least million in damages' from a San Diego jeweler after he said he was scammed and sold several items that were undervalued.

Brees and his wife Brittany (left) filed a lawsuit on Monday in the Superior Court of California against Vahid Moradi (right) of CJ Charles Jewelers In the lawsuit, Brees claims he has been buying pieces from Moradi for years, including watches, rings, and earrings, spending a total of approximately million, but an independent appraiser said they were worth million less than what he paid (Pictured, CJ Jewelers)According to the suit, Brees stated that the most expensive piece he purchased from Moradi was a 4.09 carat blue diamond ring he bought to the tune of .18million in 2015.

The interview was cut short when Baylen ran after his brother and pushed him to the ground.

He is the son of Eugene Wilson “Chip” Brees II(father) and Mina Ruth(mother). His father worked as a prominent trial lawyer and his mother worked as an attorney.While it rained off and on throughout the game, he says his sons 'loved every second of it'.Unfortunately, the Brees' boys cuteness couldn't help their father's team win the day. Brees, who turned 39 on Monday, and his wife Brittany have another three-year-old daughter named Rylen.Years later, claiming to suffer "cash flow problems" he tried to bully my client into undoing the transactions,' he said in a statement.'Mr Brees's behavior and his belief that he was wronged because the jewelry did not appreciate in value as quickly as he hoped both demonstrate a lack of integrity and contradict basic principles of both economics and the law.'He should restrict his game-playing to the football field, and refrain from bullying honest, hard-working businessmen like my client.'Brees recently signed a two-year, million contract to return to the Saints.The 11-time Pro Bowler was chosen as the first pick of the second round of the draft by the San Diego Chargers.

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Youngest Callen drew the ire of their father, standing to the side, when he ran onto the field as play was happening.

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