Dogpile ticker not updating

In other instances, well-known details are not shown or described to avoid obscuring aspects of the invention.Being computer-related, it can be appreciated that the components disclosed herein may be implemented in hardware, software, or a combination of hardware and software (e.g., firmware).A search engine includes an index (also referred to as a “catalog”) containing links to web pages responsive to particular keywords.

A typical search engine accepts a word or a phrase, referred to herein as a “keyword.” The search engine employs the keyword in conjunction with its search algorithm to find matching web pages.A fetched web page may be parsed for one or more keywords.The relevance of the web page to a keyword may be ranked according to consumer preferences, which may relate to consumer interaction with the web page.Crawler-based search engines employ a crawler (also referred to as a “spider” or “robot”) to automatically fetch web pages over the Internet.A crawler may be given an address of a web page, fetch that web page, then fetch web pages pointed to by that web page, and so on.

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Web pages and their ranking information may be stored in an index.

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