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Some beaches allow dogs only during the off-season, or only during certain times of the day.Some beaches set aside a designated portion of the beach where dogs are allowed.Fort Morgan, City Beach Fort Morgan is an unincorporated community west of Gulf Shores on Mobile Point.Mobile Point extends from Gulf Shores to the west, towards historic Fort Morgan at the tip of the peninsula.Dogs on a leash are allowed on the Mobile bay side beach from the old Fort Morgan Pier all the way to the Old Fisherman's Wharf.Beyond the Old Fisherman's Wharf is a Federal Wildlife area where dogs are not permitted.Dogs on a leash are allowed on beaches in the city of Fort Morgan, but are not permitted on Alabama state beaches or Fort Morgan State Historic Site gulf-front beach.

Dogs can burn too, especially if they have light skin and fur or short hair. Take care of his/her hydration the same way as yours.

Dogs feel the heat Warm summer temperatures at the beach can pose a threat to a dog's health.

Make sure that your dog has a shady spot under a beach umbrella, tree or picnic bench.

Before you take your dog to the beach please keep in mind the following: Know which beaches are dog-friendly Before you visit a beach learn the rules for bringing a pet with you.

Most dog-friendly beaches require dogs to remain on leash, sometimes even in the water.

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Dogs on a leash are allowed on the beach and the trails.

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