Do your daughter dating older man

I have just found out that my 17 year old daughter is going out with a local 25 year old. They haven't shared the same live experiences, they'll soon want different things, etc. I'm concerned that she'll get hurt, pregnant or that, even if they are truly in love, she'll end up growing up too quickly and miss out on things girls her age do like university, traveling, and building a career.

I just think that, at their ages, they cannot possibly have anything in common.

All these subjects can be discussed honestly and with respect.

I don't know if it helps, but when I met my girlfriend she was 16 and I was 23, one year later we came together.

If the subject of marriage has come up, you can start bargaining of some kind.

Ask if they can wait for marriage until she finishes her education.

That way you don't force her to change her life, yet still make her aware of the concerns.

I get myself sick with worry in regards to my kids.

At that age I was working but lived with my mother.

She went to high school and lived with her parents.

I think the most important thing to do is not push your daughter away with any shouting matches or 'you are doing the wrong thing' this is what my mother did and although she was doing her best in a difficult situation - the shouting and threats simply pushed me away further.

The new found love that your daughter has found is fantastically powerful and she is overwhelmed with feelings in so much that nothing else truly matters.

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It's like a drug and despite parents, friends, or even common sense whispering behind the scenes 'don't do this'.

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