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Through travel, education, even partying, we make lots of changes in this decade of life.And that can be an unpredictable set of circumstances for fresh marriages to weather.“One of the major reasons that these marriages break up deals with a person who is changing,” Banschick says.“It changed the whole structure of my life,” she says. All my friends were out partying, but that’s not who I am.”Instead of jumping into the arms of another man, she has spent the first few years post-divorce nurturing herself.“I said, I’m going to be good to myself and cook and exercise and do the things that are good for me.

My marriage now is so completely different,” Shandra says.“This capacity for metacognition — to think about thinking, reflect on things and not be in the moment so much, can lead a person to say ‘this isn’t good for me’ or ‘this is outrageous’ or ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’ and that’s big,” says Dr.

First, Americans in their twenties are a pretty romantic and hopeful bunch: According to a Louisiana State University study, 88 percent of twenty-something American women and men believe that there is a soul mate somewhere in the world for them.

Another fun fact: Neuroscience has proven via brain scans that our brains are still in developmental stages until the age of 25 or 26.

We all know that more women than ever before are waiting until their 30s to marry and start families.

This societal shift has been so broadly discussed and well documented, that it’s easy to assume 30 is the new 20 when it comes to marriage.

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The Feelings Piece Of The Story Such was the case for three of four women interviewed for this story, who each married at age 23. After connecting with a Brit while on a girls' trip in London, and cohabitating with him for more than a year in the States, she decided to take the walk down the aisle.

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