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Women I know who love romcoms all seem to enjoy Aniston and her movies.They don't want to watch a glamour girl or someone who has plasticized herself. The more accessible those women are, the more they seem to resent them.She also created the whole phantom pregnancy tabloid trend by insisting vehemently she wanted kids and hinting she would have them any second. All I know about her is the persona she portrays through movies/tv and the PR spun interviews. The paps are notified where she'll be or she goes somewhere she knows they'll be.What I do know is that I don't see her splashed all over the tabloids getting arrested, fighting, going off on a tirade in public. She wears loose fitting clothing, "protectively" keeps a hand to her abdomen and/or ostentatiously holds a giant purse in front of it. Tabloid covers, pictures, speculation on her "baby bump" etc.She began her career as a hairstyle and she's kind of back there again isn't she?She was so smug when she was with Pitt that I laughed when they divorced.And she's not an empty-eyed, anorexic savior figure like A Jolie, rescuing children of different colors from poverty (but only the cute ones). Bewilderment in the fact that she became and remained the most popular "Friend".

At one point, she devoted an awful lot of time to discussing how getting a haircut (to shoulder length) put her 'round the bend.

Why not - other big stars are begging their agents to find them a good role in an indie film - brings them cred, and balances out the huge $ they make on big studio films. I'll give her this: as with most A List stars and those aspiring to get there, she has perfected the skill of taking while conveying absolutely nothing. Ridicule Zsa Zsa Gabor all you want to but give her her due.

She needs to take a risk, and bring herself down a peg, so people relate to her again. At least she had something interesting to say when she was on Carson. Funny that you don't remember her portraying herself as a victim because that was the best acting Aniston ever did.

You can only buy, and re-do so many ,000,000 homes, before people start thinking its about the $, and nothing else. You don't remember her famous quote about Brad Pitt 'missing a sensitivity chip' because he dared to talk positively about his new relationship?

I can't remember what he said to spark that comment from Aniston, but she miiiiiiiilked it for about a year.

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I love to laugh and would like nothing better than to go into a cool and dark movie theater for two hours and watch a good comedy. Maybe not the best films, but interesting, and out of the box. By characterizing Jennifer Aniston as some long-suffering heroine, her defenders have fueled the perception that she's weak, vapid and needy.[quote]Did she portray herself as a victim, or was she just depicted that way in tabloids?

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