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However, if you are using an older system that does not meet the recommended requirements to run the Aero Glass engine or have a system that does not have Windows 7 certified driver support, disable the themes to make it look like Windows 2000/XP (with its new theme disabled) and save the memory.Also, in order to get back Aero Themes selection (after performing these steps, they will be grayed out of selection), you will have to reverse (enable) the features and reboot.

These features are also a major cause of "missing" disk space.

Yet another feature that I do not have a use for as I ensure many versions are backed up often elsewhere on the system.

I have never needed to "roll back" a document, so the feature is not worth the effort for me.

You may want to keep System Restore until after you mess with Number Eight (below). The Windows Search Service (or the not installed by default Indexing Service), by default, the service searches the start menu and the user account directory (C:/Users//) to assist in finding information faster.

However, with the tasks that I personally do, I rarely, use the Windows Search feature. With the default Category Control Panel: Remove Remote Assistance and ensure Remote Desktop is disabled.

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