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The duo, Dave-1 (David Macklovitch) and P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel), also has a sharp sense of humor and recently put out a video for “Night by Night” featuring Solange Knowles, in which women spontaneously become pregnant just by listening to their music. I knew she wasn't really pregnant, but I thought she was really his wife (I guess he means wife in the video? But your brother is A-Track [probably best known as Kanye West's DJ] right? SLM: What do you want people to take away from your music? When we first started making music with Chromeo, we were really adamant about being taken seriously and about showing people there’s more to us than just humor in our music, and so on.

You get the impression that these guys, no matter how inspired they are by the '80s, live by a much older credo, the ancient Greek one about wine, women and song (OK, I'm not sure about the wine). But then as we became more successful, we just got a more gracious attitude towards all of it.

She's a luddite (or a privacy junkie) and can't be followed, friended, Tweeted or Snapchatted, but welcomes emails at [email protected], and—if you can wrangle it—messages by carrier pigeon.

SLM: She speaks French, though…DM: Yeah, but they don’t speak it with the same accent. Did you ever have anyone come to your class because he was a fan? They’re usually pretty discreet about it, but sometimes they’ll tell me after the semester. First of all, we didn’t have any female vocals on this album and the chorus was really high for my range. She’s friends with my brother, who is also a musician.

Forget everything that comes to mind when you think of electro-pop and consider Dave 1, half of the boogie-down duo Chromeo, and former VICE magazine contributor.

Chromeo’s retro-inspired electrofunk grooves are sure to get the shyest wallflower’s hips swaying. SLM: Are your parents surprised that their only two kids are in music? I mean, I guess they’re just happy that that’s what we’re doing. You can’t control how people perceive what you do, so better not worry about it and just concentrate on making the best music you can possibly make. DM: It came—I don’t know about my fame, but it came with experience, certainly.

I’m generous to the people who mean a lot to me and I think a lot… SLM: Have you gone out of your way to create a certain image for Chromeo? It mostly comes from the fact that when I grew up, those were the guys I was really looking up to on TV, like the Robert Palmers of the world.

I think our whole thing with Chromeo was to show—I mean, the whole crooner thing like that was totally part of how I am, too.

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