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Ils rejoignent ensuite les autres troupes en place, les autres suivent ensuite et commencent leur travail de destruction massive.

Underground suspense Dave’s friend Ben Green is an archaeologist at the City of David.

“These jars have something in common besides the letters [etched into their surface],” Ben tells Dave. And all of them originated in a single [Qumran] cave.” Could these urns be tied to the Copper Scroll?

According to legend, this “scroll lists deposits of gold and silver along with their locations.” That buried treasure has attracted a band of men apparently suffering from Jerusalem Syndrome complications.

Judaism was no religion for single men.” He knows he needs “a wife and fast, and not just to get his mother off his back or even to fulfill the Divine command to ‘be fruitful and multiply.’ Family life was the only path to normalcy.” It’s not that Dave hasn’t tried.

He has a profile at an online dating site, listing his religious inclinations as “Modern Orthodox; Three Daily Prayers; Eats Kosher at Home and Out; Strict Sabbath Observance.” Even so, due to the demands of his job as a quality assurance programmer at a high tech start-up, he downgrades the listing of his Torah Learning from daily to weekly.

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