Dating the origin of the ccr5

Is Cytomegalovirus Infection Causing Post-Surgical Diabetes in Transplant Patients? Is There Even More Evidence Linking Viral Infection With Risk of MS? Coli Slowly Infecting Humans Through the Food Chain? Can Psychiatric Illnesses Be Caused by Hidden Infections?

Is More Than 52% of Stomach Cancer Being Caused by H. Can Mosquitoes and Biting Flies Be Passing Infectious Microorganisms to Humans and Causing Chronic Disease? Is a Herpes Virus Triggering Multiple Sclerosis in Many People? Are Slow Acting Bacteria and Viruses Simply Wearing Us Down?

Some can crawl right into the cells of the human body and hide.

Some can ``hibernate'' for decades, only to ``awaken'' when the body is weak and less able to defend itself.

Can a Common Bacteria Found in Ticks Cause Cancer in Humans?

Is a Cancer-Causing Virus Injected Into Millions of Americans in the 1950's and '60's Now Quietly Wreaking Havoc On Our Bodies?

Is a Bacteria in Milk Causing Some Forms of Crohn's Disease?

Is a Mycobacterium Causing Other Forms of Crohn's Disease? Is It Really Possible All of These Degenerative Diseases Are Caused, Triggered or Exaserbated by Infectious Microorganisms?

Are Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis and Many Other Killer Diseases Secretly Being Caused by Hidden Infections? Could Amyloid-Producing Bacteria Be Causing Alzheimer's? Are Bacteria Playing a Major Role in Heart Disease?

Have Bacteria Been Linked Medically to Heart Disease and Stroke? Is Antibiotic Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis Effective?

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