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Between 18, John Carmichael had worked non-stop in producing engravings, drawings, paintings and printings, as well as lithographs.

To know certain number of his works cannot be achieved, however there is at least 13 known advertisement works John have done.

We are just fortunate that there are some left for us to recognise his contribution to Australia in the artwork, printing and engraving industries.

When John Carmichael advertised that he had created a series of engravings of Sydney and its surrounding scenery in December 1828 (3 years after his arrival to Sydney), this collection of a booklet with 6 images were sold publicly from March 1829 and was all sold by end of May 1829.

In 1842 regular mail service was carried by steamer between Melbourne and Sydney, and the first mail packet from Britain arrived in 1844.

I am sure there are so many more, but probably not easily found now as many would have disappeared over time.

M’Naughton and Rowell’s, King-street, the lodgings of J.

Carmichael, the engraver and proprietor.” Images of “The Select Views of Sydney, New South Wales”: Cover page ( Other images in this booklet: Sydney from Hyde Park ( Sydney from the Domain near Government House ( Sydney from the Parramatta Road ( Sydney from Woolloomooloo ( Sydney Cove between Fort Phillip and Dawes Battery ( George Street from the Wharf ( Quite impressive, huh?

In 1809 a collecting office in Sydneywas established to receive mail from passing ships, and in 1825 the postal service was expanded.

Mail coach service began in 1830, and in 1835 a new Postage Act superseded the 1825 statute and set rates based on weight and distance travelled.

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