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Even today people still marvel at the super secret Norden Bombsight.

The development and use of this great computer is a fascinating story.

Many people know about the bomb sight head but few seem know that the stabilizer is required for the bomb sight to function and to be complete.

You may have a sight head but in order to have a complete bomb sight you will need the stabilizer.

Sometimes the bombsight mount was made by the aircraft manufacturer such as in the PBY Catalina, TBM Avenger and other Navy aircraft.

This very sight was used recently to actually drop bombs for a reenactment for a television series called Warplanes. This sight was installed in John Ward's North American B-25 Old Glory and we dropped 100 pound practice bombs at a WWII Army Air Force training base.

We had the honor of having a WWII veteran and a Viet Nam veteran who used the Norden in combat act as our bombardiers for this historic event.

The large gyro inside the Stabilizer will keep the sight pointed at the target should the aircraft deviate off course.

The Stabilizer, being part of the autopilot, will turn the airplane back on course.

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The stabilizer is also part of the autopilot (SBAE, AFCE and C-1type auto pilot) and has a gyro that senses deviation about the yaw, or vertical axis of the airplane.

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