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During periods of sexual anorexia, they may become excessive in other areas, for example eating.

Many sexually addicted women have sought professional help for psychological problems, but their sexual compulsivity was never addressed.

Our culture discourages women from being assertive and direct in the expression of their sexual needs, thereby encouraging a less direct and potentially seductive or manipulative style.

Some women go beyond these culturally-sanctioned behaviors and use sex compulsively as a means of gaining power and love.

Most sexually addicted women have not had parental role modeling for how to have emotional intimacy in nonsexual ways.Despite how common cohabitation is today, seven states still actually make it illegal for unmarried couples to live together.While these laws are rarely enforced, they add to the stigma for this type of family.Compulsion, or unsuccessful attempts to control a sexual behavior: Some sexually addictive behavior patterns in women may include: excessive flirting, dancing, or personal grooming to be seductive; wearing provocative clothing whenever possible [a form of exhibitionism]; changing one’s appearance via excessive dieting, excessive exercise, and/or reconstructive surgery to be seductive; exposing oneself in a window or car; making sexual advances to younger siblings, clients, or others in subordinate power positions; seeking sexual partners in high-risk locations; multiple extramarital affairs; disregard of appropriate sexual boundaries, e.g.considering a married man, one’s boss, or one’s personal physician as appropriate objects of romantic involvement; trading sex for drugs, help, affection, money, social access, or power; having sex with someone they just met at a party, bar or on the internet [forms of anonymous sex]; compulsive masturbation; and exchanging sex for pain or pain for sex.

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