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All these models-photographers transform themselves lots of times to produce exceptional self-portraits.

You can work yourself into crazy poses, convey all kinds of emotions, dress up or dress down and do whatever you want.

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Every picture shows how different and extraordinary every individual is.

There is a range of different kinds of photos – from shy photos made ​​with the help of a mirror to amazing soul-searching portraiture.

You are the best model and photographer at the same time! A self-portrait has been a popular form of expression since man first saw his own reflection. Indeed, selfies have been a major trend in recent years.

Of course, to take a good self-portrait you’ll definitely need a tripod to secure your camera.

"My first reaction was, ' Did you take a picture? That guy is asking for it – he's got a cat on his head!I'm also looking for someone who is honest, ambitious and affectionate, someone who is smart and can share my understanding of the world as well as enjoy discussing important issues. I love trying out new restaurants, fine wine bars, going to art galleries and so on. " lean in " by Sheryl Sandberg the COO of facebook is a must!To me, chemistry is very important and I believe that a sharing online intimacy may not be able to live up to one's expectations in real life and that's why I usually prefer to meet in person. My other favorites are "The sense of and ending" by Louise Erdrich and "Middle Sex" by Jeffrey Eugenides.If you have some pretty neat self-portraits that you’ve taken, don’t hesitate to share it with curious Photodoto audience in the comment field.Nancy is a passionate freelance writer and blogger.

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