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l a pity it la that so many people do not read, with hi* tercet and appreciation, the work3 of our Australian author* and poets. Read this report, just one more Of the remarkable tributes to De Witf s Antacid Powder. One in- gredient soothes and protects the stomach lining and another helps to digest your food. And she wry nearly didn't make any ol those screen t Rsls. ** with FVjh Studio, with auto- m Fi Ur E^lan' rises, every six montha. Anita Lniilse nnd Richard Greene ar stars — bfrlow average. And there 1* plenty of hroiid comedy lor rhrm— led by Victor Mc Lnglen nx Ahernc'a offiiider Hollywood puta Australian flnvur into the Rim with niie ahot of kan- aarood another of kookaburras, and yet another of a Sydney nurwt. bit • irriilli MPtll Ml Milii M lot Brian Ahemr, Victor Mr Laflei L lunp t -ii ii! Neli Mn Eilrty, Virginia Bruce, In vtnorously en- tertjitnlnd actlnn musical. ended 1 7 was afraid to eat Here is proof that chronic indigestion can be overcome. 1 rids afraid to cat anything and was jttat about a wreck when I trial De ir~tti's Antacid Powder. Hem I reatiy thank Dt Witt's Antacid Powdtr for hairinff made vte feel better than I hafe done feryoars." The first dose of De Witt's Antacid Powder gives instant relief because it immediately neutralises stomach acidity, the cause of heartburn, flatulence or pain after meals. so reftlntant ta exiuuuilon and cantxa Dtlon) tunl It cun be bcflled cherry-red. Huen 11 U soaked lu dilute nltrle acid, which eats 8w„- thn soluble Ingredients, leairlru; tli- Blass boueyccmljed wllii air apacea Anatn heat Is applied anil the uto-- pecomw sclld. Sbc autdr Uftwn t«U in all brtnrr ytif's Mr disco very. With a brand new nirjvte tiareer hers without even asking for & She has own plvi'n a awm-year MHO? hut there in a rirnam sequence, which io delightful Anuur Juyly good jfe Sybil Jason an the s Hf-ftsaurnd little Aluvey. Captain amuattf"* The captain took bar arm and acoom- panaed litr to the hall. Holden pay," ha (old hur with a grin, "tmt I'm afraid ll'i going to take Spud and Drtdst both to collect Jt— that's my leer THE END. We can't do so without your knowledge which is why you have to initiate the process.We respect your privacy and will never provide your location to a third-party.For example, if you change the Speed Measurement setting to kilobits, all reports you view will display statistics using kilobits instead of the default.

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M IL Robcrtiioa, Ch Dtem Valleys Vht, CARE OF MONEY TTOW olteu do we hear peoplo re- murk, "I really don't know where my rntmey baa gone— It Just ■' - ■ i . If these people were to get a small book And rule it into detailed receipt and expenditure eulumns, and ket-p an Bccount of even* penny, they would saon know where their monay hud gone. It was ■ spot that hud b C'Lh advantages and dls- Dd TQTlt Q[[V! "I needed the work," she said, "and I thnutfht that a bird in the hand is worth quite a few day (Iframfi "Sa I told tin* studio I wan btl/y- anrt kept my appointment wllh the photr^rftpher " But tatr wtu kind — and a producer wax anxious. screen tent Fourlcc E more followed They wanted to mate qtftya RW* Tom Ml UWH Bl M nf mmny innvln, brforc he taie txp I lir vrerii hi he- roine onr ot Vitx\ ilriiniulli 1 ei VHehrs, hrlpcd her. Ule man who la dlre.r1"Hie Ralcis Camti.'' (Miner- vised the fiimlhir. Texas, and only Inst year left the Unlreralty of California. Actually "Cflttlaln Fury" ia Just one of theme Robin Hood fnlrytale adventurea. Its hero Brian Aherx Le, ia a political] connct, ivho sjn-aia with nn Irish brogue, wears a aheepsidn jarjtut.

Very few Australians realise how extenalve our literature has become, and still fewer have seen r pmcb less read, the array of Australian poetry and fiction on the shelve* of the public ltbrariea. In fact, De Witt's Antacid Powder is really the modern triple-action treatment for in- digestion and stomach troubles. Enjoy every mcall Be sure you get the genuine— De WITT'S ANTACID POWDER The w: to limp, they arrived thankfully al the ailgat ramping ground. t Mndnfn, UH fcnioc M unlyj pultpnn tuny h«» caflnd for at oddrat Mg ! On thr mnmiii* Ihr ulndin finit t lfphuncd hrr, *he had in appoint- ment with a c (pliuln- fraphrr. Ka tw ck has lasuid ordv rfl that Brenda mual nut he changed in. She will continue to study undir Tom Moore, but she will not be In- t-iij :■. College romance VANUCK reara that the ukuu] coursi." for de- veloping an actress might riwtruy lirj retreshlnif ijua UUea Brenna halln Tram Knnim.1 City. As to ttn pictures af Aufitrallan pioneer life— you can havu an In- teresting lime making your awn criticisms [ — Plaxn: showing. Lynn Barl, (Fox.1 II ERE they are ngtdn— the news- paper man mid hit beautiful aide, engaged on rounding up the Rang of racketeers i Wluu hap prim to tb* newspaper En the meantime? un- folded In the usual style, with the Lhril W Df the chase Lempered by comedy an the sidelines, the frantic, last-minute rescue Thr plot concerns the unmasking of a master criminal and ex-eon vie t. (ITn Hed Hft Us J □ EHE l£ Hollvw Dod's conception of yhijnff womnn c Qncemed— Lynn Ban 71 Ai«t™iia and Aiutrallan euimtrv — a country reporter, who storm* the gotcfi of metropo DLan Joiirnnitaiu — 'repre Bented by Preston Foster, city editor He- rtocan't want lier on tlv Aiutraliit and Auvtnlum cuuntry life In th^- IMO'a. Haiph RLeharrttjotj* Lnurence Olivier In KTand comedy- thriller.

When Hitler adrtrcn&e* n crowd, it was shown, his voice riaea to an un- usual Jy high pitch— that nonrjally adopted by a man in the grip of fear or anger Among hundreds of voices analysed few rose to such a pitch a* Hitler's last year, when he shrieked to a listening world that his patience with Caechoalovakla was at an end and that his army was ready bo march . Chamberlain's range Is ■lightly more than an octave* Uuisohni'a an octave and & half and Roosevelt'/; about an octavo. Ita rnedicurirrrkt Cfwrrct ■ dull dein, pmirct uad hr KUtif V ■ nurrru L one — while a really beautiful L-uciip Eexion iiicrekawi in loveikiesa wiih uuutd Tit Rcsnnn care. If »ktu liiulta do nut dear up qmcldy with Rexfma Siikip uair. ANTI-SHRINK Pifcni Applied tor in Au Utm IU AS EAS1 Til HUMS AS A HAINk IU2 MUt-TON « A-HIUJIF. \ ajipre- rinlr m "luturj** t-Uw-Lifif* »l a in««l reasonable nrire ! mu arranarrnenta vra* made lor her treatment* ■'I spent hours by her bedowte,** the doctor writes, "becaaar as I sat down neskle ber there came a ■In* to her careworn face thai mode U beaotifni: md almost at ora* I felt mj own load l Urbiened." Hhi months late** In the winter, the doc Mir re- ceived a package from her — a oarr of fine hand- made g Jflvta, the work nf her own hands, with a message, "To warm the hand* that made me well " outwardly msn kind is the one in These room in the hospital I can *o often find all the nurses wl» ought U be somewhere else." Nurses under bis supervision, he says, are always instructed to en- courage in patients the normal de- sire to make thet Euwivca.

The range or a professional actor or radio speaker is much greater than, any of these. Cud-yl, M mrdi* cateti wilh C^nlyl, a highly pfoirctivr onrrii'ound of mrdiatiiam thut gctn to rite very luurce UJcnuww't- Grmi-liulrn tlujt ll tfendy dra WTi away, the rurfrti dented and dowd alitl the tissue* ttined up i^ain. Let Kexona keep ynwr nkin rnuimit with 1 1 ,ti.r Iteuut^ 1 Thm c Dmplvt* Rnj COnd Trvuiinitnl' . then yuur •kin iimdit Kexond Stmp and Rexona Otntmeni tngethrr. Ea- quj Mtr Slw-rra imm (II to 7 II and Bttrrdv Service fcriphi- from 4 ft lo 7 II. look ba well aa they can; If possible before Lhe viriit of the doctor ui the mnrning "This bf a twd thine for both the poiienta and tht d orient "The doctor does not Uve (or should not) who is not inclined U put on her prettiest nightdress.

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  1. This technique is used on ferromagnesian (iron/magnesium-containing) minerals such as micas and amphiboles or on limestones which also contain abundant strontium.