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Oxford and Cambridge Universities were also used for filming.The scene where Narayan Shankar walks right before meeting Raj Aryan was filmed at the Queen's College, Oxford.The Music teacher Raj speaks up and pleads on their behalf, explaining to the Principal Narayan how he had instigated the death of his own daughter, and the boys should not be punished as they did not do anything "wrong".Raj also states that he feels Narayan lost the challenge, because his daughter left him and now Raj (who considered Narayan an elder) is leaving him.Subsequently, with Raj's guidance and support the boys -Sameer, Vicky, and Karan -one by one, slowly slowly are able to win over their love interests...Narayan retaliates by tightening the rules of Gurukul Boys College.For example, when the three boys open up to him about their love interests, he encourages them to "follow the heart" and not be disheartened so very easily.

Narayan accepts this challenge, and allows Raj to continue as a teacher for a while longer.) is a 2000 Indian musical romantic drama film directed by Aditya Chopra.It was Chopra's second directorial venture after Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and was filmed at India and the United Kingdom.Narayan wants the best out of his students by placing astronomical emphasis on traditions and discipline only with no room for anything else such as camaredrie, liberties, drama etc.For example; as Principal Head of Gurukul for over twenty five years, he had forbidden his students from any kind of romance — anyone he catches romancing or in love is expelled with no "ifs" , "ands" or "buts"....

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Raj's stinging words make Narayan realise that changes are needed.

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