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As O’Hagan himself puts it, “John Denver was no longer on the charts.” Besides that, believe it or not, the life of an importer/distributor isn’t a road paved with gold, and O’Hagan was tired of always being at the mercy of his supplier, who would always give preference to the orders of the biggest customers with the most dealers.Ahead of his time…and wrong This is when O’Hagan’s intuition yielded two major ideas, both of which were about twenty years ahead of their time and proved dead wrong for that point in guitar history.All these designs, by the way, came in a bass version as well.Terry Lewis of The Time, the popular Minneapolis band, requested a white Twenty Two bass, which was made.Grande acoustics In 1975 O’Hagan set up his own importing company and began marketing Grande brand acoustic guitars from Japan.This lasted for a few years, but by 1978 O’Hagan had begun to realize that the times they were a changin’.Controls usually consisted of two volume and one tone pot.The early Sharks had unbound dot-neck maple fingerboards, usually with a birdseye or other interesting figure.

There, just behind Mary Tyler Moore, cutting the murky waters of Old Muddy with its triangular fin and tell-tale bubbly wake, she spies a swimming Shark. No, it’s just another O’Hagan guitar, making its way home to the headwaters whence it was spawned.

The line proliferates A number of more conservative designs followed quickly.

Next was the single cutaway Les Paul copy called the Night Watch, followed by a double cutaway Les Paul Junior/Special also called a Night Watch (cf.

Even though in a printed interview Sammy Hagar once praised his red O’Hagan Flying V (he’s reputed to still own it), O’Hagan guitars are hardly a household word amongst guitar aficionados.

At best, some of you may recall the funky Shark ads that ran in magazines like Guitar Player back around 1981 or so.

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Again, as you look at the shape of the Shark, you should keep in mind that this was the era when hard rock was still king (even though disco and punk/New Wave were busily chipping away at the throne’s foundation) and weird guitar shapes were in vogue.

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