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Psi Pog Instructions on developing psychic and telekinetic powers.

Emergency Preparedness Items Amazon list of essential gear for disasters, power outages, and emergencies. Falling Down the Rabbit Hole The dangers of Transcendental Meditation. Hamlet's Mill Online version of this classic about precession of the equinoxes being encoded into mythology. Holy Grail as Manna Machine Ark of the Covenant as a piece of extraterrestrial technology. Illusion of Superiority Video on why stupid people don't notice they're stupid.David Icke Dissecting the Matrix Control System and reptilian manipulation of mankind. Thousands dead, military stacking bodies into refrigerated trucks for who knows what.Dr Peter Beter Transcripts of his audio letters, some of which include information about synthetic humans and the replacement of public figures.Nevertheless, all contain puzzle pieces available to those with the ideological immune systems to discern them.Astral Dynamics Robert Bruce's site on astral travel, psychic self defense, and energy body conditioning.

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Shopping for Spirit Thought-provoking articles by Steve Gamble presenting gnostic investigations into metaphysics and the control system.

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