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I’ve had cringe-worthy encounters and moments that seem like they fell out of a romantic comedy from the early '00s.I’ve tried my best to give New York City the benefit of a doubt — surely, dating is always a roller coaster, regardless of where you live. What’s the dating scene like in some of the biggest cities around the world?In fact, not only are the majority of people in your surrounding area already involved in a relationship, but interesting singles over 60 seem to be particularly few and far between. Another idea that works is to ask your friends and family to introduce you to their single friends.Even though there is no miracle answer and you can’t be certain that the person is going to be a good match, you can trust your close relatives to know you pretty well.On top of that, we are living much longer lives today than our predecessors.

I’ve definitely met some pretty amazing people, along with an equal amount of terrible ones.

AND when it is over it brings billions of small memories called stars...

However, finding other 60 singles is far from a piece of cake.

If this is not the case yet, start being active by volunteering or taking classes involving anything that interests you.

Join clubs, say yes to invitations, go on senior cruises.

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Entering a new union is not about starting a family anymore.

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