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Access to the summit is by a 30-minute trek up a steep path — passing through the cliffhanging monastery on the way — or by a 5-minute cable car ride from Tel Jericho.Unlike some Greek Orthodox monasteries, the Monastery of the Temptation allows women visitors as well as men.While he fasted, the devil tempted him three times to prove his divinity by demonstrating his supernatural powers.Each time, Jesus rebuffed the tempter with a quotation from the Book of Deuteronomy.Jesus' mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.

They lived in natural caves, which they turned into cells, chapels and storage rooms.

Cana (modern name Kafr Kanna; also known as Khirbet Cana) is a Galilean town five miles northeast of Nazareth.

Its population of 8,500 includes both Muslims and Christians.

The mountain is also known as Mount Quarantania and Jebel Quarantul.

Both names arise from a mispronunciation of the Latin word Quarentena, meaning 40, the number of days in Christ’s fast.

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(John 2:1-11) The location of the Cana visited by Jesus is disputed and not known for certain.

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