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(2013) Mock The Week's Brand Spanking New Scenes We'd Like To See (2014).Click on the picture above to see the plans of the Radio Scotland ship, the Comet, kindly provided by former disc-jockey Ben Healy.Mock the Week: Too Hot for TV 2 was released on 9 November 2009.Again, the DVD contains the main 'Too Hot For TV' feature with a compilation of unseen footage, plus three extended episodes from the series archives titled, 'The Anal Lube Show', 'The Leg Show' and 'The Hedgehog Show'.The following games feature in all episodes of Mock the Week: These games occasionally appear in some episodes, but not all, with those not used either featured as part of a series' compilation episode or released as part of a DVD extra(s).The reason these may not appear and be cut from an episode is either because of the language used or the highly politically incorrect answers the panel members give, at the time that the show was broadcast: On several occasions, Mock the Week has been the source of complaints, due to some risqué comments made by the panellists and the show's extreme use of profanity (in particular Frankie Boyle).He claims that the show did not cover enough major news stories and was too restrictive on his risqué comedy act, as the producers and the BBC Trust were afraid of "frightening the horses".The lack of female guests on the programme has been the subject of complaints in the letters page of the Radio Times.

The general format of the show involves the host subjecting the panel, which consist of two teams of three performers (referred to as panellists), to a series of rounds in which they either answer questions on various news topics from the previous week of news, often with them giving improvised comedic answers, or performing comedic challenges based on a subject(s) provided to them (e.g. News topics range from major international news stories to regional news items from within Britain, with the show sometimes including photos and quotes related to the news articles used on the show.Along with at least one or two permanent members, the panel often consists of guest performers, some of whom have had frequent appearances on the show.The following have appeared multiple times on the show as a guest panellist (up to 6 October 2017, not including the 2011 Comic Relief special): Made an appearance in the Comic Relief 24 Hour Panel People special, along with Doc Brown, Daniel Sloss and David Walliams.Throughout the show's history, Mock The Week has consistently had at least one permanent comedian/stand-up performers within its panel who appears regularly within every episode; up until the fifteenth series, the programme regularly featured two permanent members in its panel, and in some series the show featured a third permanent member.While there have been a total of six performers who have performed regularly on the show as a permanent panellist, only Hugh Dennis has appeared regularly in every episode since its debut, with the exception of a special episode of the programme that was broadcast as part of David Walliams' 24 Hour Panel People).

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