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Your website can make or break you when you’re a small business.

Sending visitors to a poorly designed website (or worse, a poorly functioning one) is roughly akin to handing out a business card with a comic sans typeface.

But after 50 years of seaside existence, it needed a comprehensive remodel.

That doesn’t mean its distinctive character was put out to pasture. Maintaining the original footprint at approximately 3,000 square feet, the Siemons opened up parts of the interior, brought in more natural light through five new skylights, replaced about half of the redwood walls with a smooth coat of plaster and finished it to match the grayed patina of weathered driftwood.

Over the years and centuries there have been many cases that have changed criminal history.

These cases date all the way back to 1784 and are as most recent as 1990.

Each new case has brought about the examination of physical evidence, forensic science being used when it comes to poisoning, unlawful search and seizure…

If you live in Tulsa, and you’re just not happy with the size or shape of your breasts, don’t worry.

The Honda’s new ‘Exciting H Design‘ philosophy has worked wonders on the…Most of the removed redwood planking was repurposed as baseboard and cabinetry.Underfoot, composite concrete floors complement the new walls, windows and doors.You have definitely made it to the right place as today we will be talking about the best web design apps of 2015.You will be glad to know that the Apple App store offers a wide range…

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