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I just got a letter on BBPeople (another dating service I'm on) from a GORGEOUS guy who said he was from Nigeria but he's white and said he is 'working in New York". OK red flags, the guy is a f....n liar and I'm gonna put the warning out Thank you.

It always helps too if you click the "Report Spam" button while reading an email from someone you think is a spammer. I could see thru them right off the said..pretty to be real! Sid that he wanted to meet, that I was gorgeous and then left his email address and international cell phone number. What may seem ridiculous to most of us,some people are just very lonely and vulnerable. Just someone who needs to guard their kind heart a little more defensively.

There is an excellent support and information group on yahoo. Lots of pictures that the scammers use are posted there, and lots of information. The URL is FBI gets about 10,000 reports of these scams every month. I just don't understand how anyone can get scammed by these things but I know it does happen, some of them pretty smart people too. for him - no mention of $ but it was the first e-mail. Really play it to the hilt Yep that's pretty much what the one guy I keep mentioning, who sent me a check for ,000, was up to. I game him hell and then blocked him on my messenger. Another very new dating site, Right has mostly these types of scammers. I've been getting emails from this one guy that says he lives in Beverly Hills, CA -- but lives over in Africa right now.

Some local government official recently got stung, thought he could make some money for his town. He really looks too much like a movie star to be on a dating site. Except I didn't believe him, I didn't offer to help except to make suggestions as to ways his "friend in Canada" could help him or he could help himself, and I didn't give him my address so it freaked me out that he mailed me the check! By then he cancelled his account, because he said he had met his true love.. He is absolutely gorgeous, sexy -- his first email to me: U R exactly what I am looking for I really want to talk to you -- your picture made the earth move -- I think I'm in love with you....

Please contact me with this my confidential email contacts.

([email protected])Best Regards Cancun--I got that exact message from "Daniel Wani"---and I did report and delete. Hi guys and gals Proposal to each one of you to do the same…i already start-up to give to all scammers "that i know so far" something to do...hence all of them are asking for money usually through WU...i am sending to them once per month or when i feel like ..

I am a Nigerian International Telecom Salesman based in Montreal Canada and I have met with Maher Qubain, the CEO of Starcomms Nigeria. He is just a service provider ---- yeah my boyfriend got a very believeable email from a guy over in ghana saying that he wanted him to act as a next of kin to a deceased guy thathas no family and has 9 million dollars that bears the same last name as my boyfriend. What typically happens is that they email me or instant message me and we start a friendship.

That helps us shut them down before they throw their bait to to more of our members. Anyone that knows about them, and how devastating they can be, will never fall prey to them. It's happened to me, the hell do they think we are??? These guys said they are in love w/ me on the first email! One played it cool..& I were IMing for about a week..don't take long, he said he's from KY, but is currently in Africa w/ his daughter..was trying to get this job, but the people in Africa wanted him to pay them for his business!!! Anyway, he said that he gave them the money because it was a "sweet job" w/ lots of money potential and he didn't want to lose the account...he & his daughter were stuck w/ no money to pay the hotel bill and wanted me to help him out! Well, at the end of my profile, I let them all know that if that's their intentions..pass me by! I wrote back, I wrote, 'what do you want' He never wrote back hmmmmm......I bit abrasive? As long as we have the internet and telephones,these scammers will always be around!

Since there has been no real nationwide media coverage to speak of, word of mouth is the only way people will be made aware of these scams. I politely told him to go jump off a cliff..those exact words. Dearest, My name is Davidson Wani From Sierra Leone the only son of late Mr & mrs. My father was very wealthy farmers and cocoa merchant when he was alive.

which none of them will get it from me…therefore I am using a pool of scammers, and make them to go and move their asses at WU location such to find out on who’s name "if any" an MTCN # and money are to be issued...obviously if that will happen to many times and they are going to the WU to receive some money…… hence all of them will use and have the same MTCN at the same date…and according to above if that will happen in mass and all of us will send the scammer’s which we know to pick-up phonies MTCN’s (that at the same time/day)…the WU probably will have some bottle necks interruptions which will determine them to take action and inform the authorities about the people which came to pick up some phonies MTCN’s.please don’t worry much about pictures or profiles, hence on the net everything can be copied and modified…probably the scammers did use already our profile and information if they did found it pretty interesting or attractive.

i get email everyday telling me i have won the uk,australia,,msn lotteries of some hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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