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After all, the making up afterwards was the best part of all.Although I hate admitting it, it’s all too often the truth—a mutual love of drama is what can hold childish relationships together. There will be no looking to the past wishing the meeting had taken place years before and no looking to the future wondering where the destination is. We can never expect the same person we start out with to be the same person at the end of the relationship.Conversation flows freely whether it is about trivial subjects or deep and intense emotions—nothing is off limits.

We should never be afraid to bring things to the table to discuss, so long as the discussions are carried out with fairness, respect and care for the other person’s feelings.

We wrongly believe it must be everyone else’s fault the relationships we’ve been in haven’t worked out. We have to become the type of person we want to be to be able to attract the same qualities in another.

What we fail to see is that just because we grown-up love, it doesn’t mean that we ourselves are ready for it. Or at the very least to be able to keep it once we have attracted it.

A simple way to look at it is to truly and honestly ask ourselves if we believe we are acting like an adult or like a child in our relationships.

I’ve dated my fair share of men who were actually boys trapped emotionally in their younger years.

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