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But then again, I've been to larger cities and met grls here that are from other countries and cities that tell me they find it more conservative here than there.I've seen families there that take Islamic society for granted and their children don't know much about 'why' they are doing things.So what you are saying is that we are now "in" and a hot commodity in the Gay community? Western women are definitely more conservative than girls that live in the arab seems that the arab world is trying to become more western....One of my friends started praying when he came to Canada....his friends laughted at him when he called home and told them he started to pray.....One American bachelor who worked in the Middle East for 10 years says of the Arab women he meets at diplomatic functions and dinners in Cairo, Beirut and Amman: "Generally the wealthy, upper class women are de-tribalized as a result of education and travel, but when you drop down the social ladder, it is almost impossible to meet the average Arab woman.

They can squeeze the breath out of the guy they marry with their clingy tendancies. Salam, if you mean to direct your criticism at me I must ask you to go back and read my comment again as I said many not all snif snif :( j/k Like you said it all depends but I can tell you things are changing fast back in the Arab world and the western influence is catching up fast with Arab women more so than with those who live in North America and those born here probably because they don't take religion for granted.But, they can change and adapt to a new western environment if properly trained. I think it depends on what type of town/city you are from, for you to say grls are 'generally' more conservative there or not.Being from a small town, I see grls more conservaive in banyas, syria then here.Written by khatlo: Anne Turner Bruno There is an old Arab proverb, "It is better to eat your own barley than to buy foreign wheat," but when it comes to Arab women a lot of men disagree.Not everyone would go as far as one American free-lance writer who proclaims forcefully that the Arab woman is "one vastly superior creature," but then not everyone has a wife to match his: a handsome, stylish, intelligent woman who has two children, speaks three languages, edits several publications, serves as a board member of a worldwide organization and has traveled throughout Europe and America. usually well-to-do and products of European and American educations?

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