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Modern maps are mere copies with decorative value only, like a poster." Zooming In When Chris leaves his shop looking for an antique map, he always goes hunting armed with an 8X-power magnifying loop.

By looking at a map through his pocket-sized magnifying lens he can see one of the tell-tale signs of a photo-reproduction: a matrix of little dots that make up the image. "I never go anywhere without it." The extra magnification is especially helpful in detecting the modern photo-mechanical maps that are obscured behind glass or plastic.

Don't be fooled by a modern reproduction of an antique map.

A loupe is the most important tool for the hunter of old maps. Paper made before 1800 almost always looks different.

Maps Before 1800 But if the map that our flea-market shopper found was made before 1800, as its 1784 date claims, it should also be printed on a different kind of paper.

Most maps made before the middle of the 19th century were copper engravings.

This process creates a little ridge, called a plate mark, around the edge of the map—a result of the plate's pressing against the paper.

These very large copper plate engravings have deep dark etching. Luigi Rossini was born in Ravenna, Italy and he studied at the Academy of Bologna. He was particularly interested in Classical Architecture of Rome and included the countryside of Roma. These are rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag with water coloring.

They were printed onto beautifully crafted hand made rag paper. Luigi Rossini’s Ancient Roman views have influenced Classic architecture throughout the globe. The paper measures about 14 x 18″ and the prints are in very good condition. Dahlberg’s Decorative Views were published from 1697 to 1713.

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