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Delicate gold chain with a petite paper crane that symbolizes long life, prosperity, and luck.

Wear this to welcome all the happiness coming ahead.

Oct 29th is a day a lot of us who knew and loved Demri will never forget.

I know I will personally miss Demri as long as I live…

I did not have a scanner back then so I just taped it to my wall and took a picture of it.. That was over 12 years ago…he gave it to me about 4 years after her passing. she was also like a big sister she never had and a confidant she could always trust.. Demri and Rosheen loved each other very much and I loved them both.

Today the site received a comment from Demri’s Mom Kathleen which is so special because she thought of us and wanted to let us know how she felt today and I personally wanted everyone who watches this site.. so I just wanted to share it so that everyone would get a chance to read it…because I know a lot of us love and respect Kathleen a lot.

Good books make great graduation gifts for college grads. If she is traveling somewhere, you can get her a nice travel item like luggage, travel duffel or travel organizer. A pair of good quality work shoes makes one of the best college graduation gifts for her.

This pair of comfy black pumps will be her new favorite.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for her, an anniversary present, a holiday gift, or even a gift to apologize after a fight, there’s something on our list that will melt her heart.

Read on to see our top picks, or browse our guide to the best gifts for women to get even more gift ideas.

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We curated a list of sentimental pendant necklaces a while ago, you will definitely fall in love when you see them. New graduates are often faced with uncertainty in their future. Adequate amount of inspiration works as a lighthouse that provides hope and encouragement when we are in the sea of uncertainty. This book offers helpful advice on finding and getting the most out of a first job, résumé writing, best interviewing practices, listening to your inner voice, leaning in for millennial men and more. If you like designs like these and love meaning words, you will love these beautifully illustrated college graduation quotes. If she hasn’t landed a job yet and is someone who has a healthy sense of humor, this t-shirt will be the perfect gift to celebrate her commencement.

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