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If I would’ve studied more effectively from the start it would have taken me around 239 hours to complete all four sections instead of 284 hours, a difference of 45 hours.This is 45 hours that I could have spent hanging out with friends, surfing, hiking, lounging on the beach, visiting family, and enjoying life INSTEAD of banging my head against the computer trying to learn about bond amortization!!

#2- Don’t Keep Retaking the Same Multiple Choice Practice Tests While studying for my first exam I would retake the multiple choice tests over and over until I got at least a 90% before I moved on to the next section. Because CPAexcel didn’t give me “full credit” for completing the section if I didn’t (Seems really lame now looking back on it).Wiley provides excellent CPA study materials, however I believe my results would have been similar regardless of which course I used.It’s also important to note the changes to the CPA exam format in 2017 when mapping out your study schedule.If I would have continued studying at the snail-like pace I did for the first two exams it would have taken me 355* hours to get through all the material.Compare this to the 239** hours it would have taken me had I studied efficiently the entire time. Think of all the fun activities you could do with that much extra time!

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