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After all, how would my young charges know what sorts of things I liked to wear if I didn't set a good - and bold - example right from the start?

I glanced around the table at all these dashing (Does anyone use that word anymore? He seemed awfully nervous for one of the only two young men I actually knew at the table. "It's going to be a great eight weeks together for all of us," I added. I turned to face the last young man at the table and said, "Hello again, Stanley - er, Stan." "Hello Febe. With introductions out of the way we poured sodas to go with the pizza and sat down to eat and chat.

Even he was dressed nicely and he had taken the time to shave too.

I strode around the table, gave him a peck on the cheek and complimented him on looking so nice.

My first day with the young men who were to be my charges did not start so badly.

Most of it was taken up with luggage and furniture shifting and just getting settled into rooms.

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I posted a notice for a house meeting and dinner that afternoon at pm.

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