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I was surprised when she agreed to meet him for a drink.I knew she was getting bored though with Vanilla men.

I thought that was a good sign and was hoping something might happen between them.I told her that I had done all the chores she had requested and hoped that she would be pleased.I turned on some music and lit the candles in the living room with turned on some dim lighting.I paced around the house, trying to get my head together, making sure everything was in its place. It is amazing to me what a phone call from her does to me. The thought of that prospect must be as exciting to her as much as it was me.I wanted her to be pleased by my efforts and of course hoping to be rewarded for them. I heard cars pull into the drive and then doors open and close.

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This was very unusual for her to bring someone home upon the first meeting even though they had been chatting for some time.

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