Consolidating student loans with sallie mae

If no other solution exists then a chapter 13 bankruptcy would be an option. First, it could give a new attorney a crack at discharging the loans if your other attorneys won't/can't.Second, it would nearly instantly stop all collection calls while you were making affordable payments through the chapter 13 bankruptcy.Factors that raised Sallie Mae’s rating included the number of complaints received for a business of its size, and its response to and resolution of those complaints.

We have gotten behind on our student loan payments & I have set up payment arrangements with Sallie Mae for the back payments. Is it possible to re-open my original Chapter 7 BK & include my student loan or would we need to file again? Since our student loan is a "private consolidation loan" is that a dischargable loan? If we can't open our original BK, would Chapter 13 be an option? Is there anyway we can go after Sallie Mae for harrassment to my grandma & possibly get them to remove her as a co-signer? If we file BK again, will Sallie Mae sue my grandma? Do you know of any experienced BK attorneys in the Greater Seattle area (who have experience in discharging student loans) that could help us?Our private student loan is actually a Sallie Mae "private student consolidation loan" that we stupidly rolled my husband's federal student loans, credit card debt, education expenses for my schooling into one huge loan..thinking that this would be a great idea.The loan is in my name only & was co-signed by my grandma.Even though I have set up payment arrangements that are automatically deducted from my account, Sallie Mae still makes collection calls up to 10 times a day to me & about 6 times a day to my grandma. I have asked Sallie Mae to call me but they still call my grandma and harrass her. We really liked our original BK attorneys but they haven't done anything related to student loans since 1982.Lis Dear Lis, In fairness to your bankruptcy attorney at the time the issue of student loan discharge ability is a rapidly growing subject.

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With Sallie Mae student loans, borrowers also have the option to consolidate their student loans.

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