Consolidating medical bills antedating the

If you are struggling, medical debt consolidation is one way to attack it but it does have its downsides.

We believe in reducing your debt first before trying to consolidate it.

Like any other debt consolidation method, there are pluses and minuses - costs and benefits which you need to understand.

Moreover, ask questions in whatever consolidation method you select.Unless you have successfully challenged your bill, you are responsible for paying all of your medical bills.If you cannot pay, here are some things to consider.Taking out a loan is only advisable if the interest rate you can obtain on the loan is lower than your medical debt interest rate, it prevents your credit score from being degraded, and or of it prevents you from filing for bankruptcy.A debt consolidation loan is not beneficial if it is at a higher interest rate than your current medical debt interest rate.

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Here is a resource to help you make sense of your medical bills.

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