College dating survival guide

Keep to these rules of thumb to get the most out of your college classes: Knowing how to write well is essential to any successful college career.Being able to clearly and concisely write about a given topic will serve you well, both in college and after you've graduated.

After finally deciding to give up the whole game I want to share some of my Loner-wisdom on how to navigate through the social tidal waves of this unnecessary evil.Loner Lairs Think of occupations Loner’s are most attracted to, and steer your way towards those buildings.Of course, Loner’s can be found in any occupation, but a higher percentage can be found in jobs that deal with the inner world of the mind, or have nothing to do with people at all.Some (though a trifle eccentric…), may include: Uni libraries can, strangely enough, be the biggest social hubs of all…but don’t despair. Usually there are “silent zones” or places to study enclosed in self-contained cubicles. Ungregarious Gardens Really, anything in the realm of nature will do…whether a garden, a park, or an oval. Unless of course you want to be trampled and swallowed alive… Otherwise, put forethought into where you go by considering how extroverted the environment may be. If you desperately need serenity and anti-socialness, seek this safe haven out unrelentlessly. Nature just gregarious groups may shatter the peace once they park their posteriors there). Scale the Heights It’s likely that many buildings on the campus will have different levels with places to sit outside. This is the worst time to have lunch, and in general, exist on campus. Anti-Anti-social Abodes Taverns, Cafeterias, bookshops…and the library.

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