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These activities include everything from marine transportation and commercial fishing to banking and home construction.

Some of these things only occur along the coast, while other activities can occur anywhere in the nation.

In addition, the bureau benchmarks its entire GDP account every five years to better reflect the evolving nature of the U. The current benchmark for the GDP industries is 2012.

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I have been called “…our nation’s economic engine,” and I employ over 50 million people and account for over .6 Trillion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The coastal shoreline counties of the United States are far more densely populated than the rest of the country.

Nationally, I employ almost 3 million people and produce almost 0 billion in GDP.

While I might not have the same name recognition of some, I actually employ more people than telecommunications, construction activities, and crop production combined!

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Do your turn-ons include the potential impacts to the water quality, policies that affect the tax base of coastal areas, or climatological hazards such as hurricanes and sea level rise?

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