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Thanks to his good looks and impressive sports career, he has caught product endorsements as well as the covers of magazines. Neil Perez Neil, a cop, is a bomb and explosives technician.

But seriously, isn’t he the bomb himself with those moreno good looks and ultra fit bod?

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Of course, there are always two sides to the story.

Wonder how those stubbles feel against the skin…Why He’s Hot: Before being tagged as one of the hottest Filipino guys, John was Mr. He competed in the international stage against 45 other contestants. It turns out he is a University of the Philippines Theater Arts grad. Birth Date: April 21, 1981Why He’s Hot: This guy is witty and hilarious.

On June 19, 2013, USA Network announced it will debut a webisode series, called TK Gets Real, that will feature Terrance "TK" King (Mehcad Brooks) as he seeks to become a reality star.

The equatorial sun may not be the hottest thing in the Philippines. And it is certainly not the people’s heads against their politicians. Because of living side by side with Spanish, Americans and even Japanese colonizers in the past and a readiness for accepting foreigners up to the present, there are so many mestizo and beautiful guys here. Take note though that we are leaving out staple hunks like Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo and Coco Martin because they’re part of every hot guy list year after year (see them here).

How could he detonate girls hearts from exploding when he’s around? Birth Date: February 16, 1985Why He’s Hot: Police Officer 2 Mariano Perez Flormata Jr in real life is Mister International 2014.

With the support of the Philippine National Police, he bested hunks from other nations in February this year in South Korea.

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  1. However I've only been a member for 10 days ( 1 week free) 3 days paid member. I'm not suggesting for a minute that the actual site are involved, but it was strange that all three ladies who sent messages with pictures all described their "career" in some detail, then their domestic arrangements and very little about themselves, none of them seemed particularly "genuine".