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Arianna said that she liked the fact that even though we were alone in her house on random afternoons, I'd never tried to kiss her or suggest anything sexual. The green light that Arianna gave me allowed our relationship to naturally progress forward to heavy petting, nudity, mutual masturbation, oral, and finally full-on sexual intercourse (we never used condoms 'cuz Arianna had told her doctor that she had monthly cramping, and got prescribed birth control pills). Luckily, Arianna had asked my preference about pubic hair before the first time we stuck our hands down each other's pants. " Arianna was happy to hear my answer, since she was understandably concerned about stubble, rash, irritation, and all that type of stuff she'd heard her friends complain about.

Numerous othere guys she'd brought over had acted like jerks. Losing our virginities to each other was amazing and felt fantastic... I said "OMG, I absolutely LOVE pubic hair on girls... But it was pretending that I was Arianna's brother which always made my heart pound extra fast whenever we were kissing and having sex.

And Shelley seemed very happy to see that my cock was erect while I was checking out her naked body from the safe distance of several feet away. I enjoyed watching brothers and sisters at Shelley's high school interacting when I'd be waiting to pick her up in the afternoon.

I think you're kinda sexy, even though you're my sister. which will be absolute proof that you're a hot babe. " Surprisingly, Shelley agreed and we did both strip naked for each other. Shelley to high school, and me to the local community college.

Arianna wasn't shy, she liked stripping for me, and she didn't mind that I enjoyed looking down at our wet genitals playing "hide the burrito" (our favorite slang for sexual intercourse) as my cock would be sliding in & out of her hairy pussy.

In the romance department, my chunky sister Shelley managed to do pretty well at the same time that Arianna and I were dating.

I got even more turned on while thinking about how great it would be if Arianna was my sister, and how much naked fun we'd be able to have as sibling lovers.

Just date a geek, because a geek won't care if you're fat and ugly!

Yet I didn't truly find Shelley's chunky body to be 100% attractive, although I did get an erection. I wondered how many of them were having sex with each other.

What 20-year-old horny guy would be emotionally aware enough and polite enough to comfort his 18-year old sister? My foolish efforts to comfort Shelley with humor didn't work at all.

" is what Shelley would lament to me when we were home alone together during the week when our parents were at work all day. " was my standard reply as an attempt to make Shelley feel better using humor.

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