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The way your mate gets along, or does not get along with your friends, neighbors and business associates can do much to determine your social and professional success.

Your parents may have had more influence upon you, but this you could not help.

To marry a person with serious personality or character traits defects is not to help him. The following are some important questions you can start asking about character traits: Do you both practice socially acceptable sex standards?

Are your manners acceptable to the social group with which you will associate?

Do you both have a kindly, humane attitude toward other people?

The importance of the character traits which we have discussed so far is generally recognized. Other character traits, quite as important for success in marriage, are less well understood. Is your basic attitude toward life appreciative or demanding?

To some people a concern for character may sound a little on the pious side.

They may feel either that character is not too important, or that they can take care of themselves at this point.

You are selecting a partner in a permanent building enterprise who will be among other things: 1. This requires christian character traits, personality traits and the intelligence necessary to guide and direct the development of growing children. One who will have rather complete access to your bank account and credit.

No one else will mean so much for your future as the one whom you choose as your mate.

Remember that you are choosing more than a companion for fun.

Such a trust requires not only honesty, but enough discipline to keep from squandering needed family resources for personal whims. Even more important, that person will have intimate access to you; your innermost thoughts and feelings, your hopes and plans, your ambitions and aspirations.

By encouraging you when you need it most, or by lending a hand or dragging his feet when the going gets tough, he may be able to make or break you.

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