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It's been said that the queen and her generation of the royal family are more middle class than the middle classes, not because they look up at themselves but because they are the greatest adherents to middle class moral and social values, whereas the upper classes and the lower classes both do what they feel like rather than what conventional morality says they should.

The shenanighans of Prince Charles, Lady Di, Fergie and their offspring are one more sign of the breakdown of this class system.

The sphinxes are recent castings and Cleopatra's Needle doesn't really have anything to do with the Egyptian Queen of the same name, however it is a genuine Egyptian obelisk dating from the reign of Thutmoses III around 1450BC.

The other obelisk of the pair is in Central Park in New York city.This was also a period of incredible curiosity in many different areas including science, technology and history.The military and economic strength of the country allowed private collectors and the government to amass first rate collections of artifacts from many of the world's major civilizations, including the Rosetta stone from Egypt, the Elgin marbles from the Parthenon in Greece, statues and tablets from Mesopotamia as well as Maya and other cultural items from Central America.No doubt that charming little cherub isn't leering nastily, but is instead just concerned that the rather distracted angel might catch a chill.The English have always been very class conscious, which is one reason why my parents emigrated to New Zealand.

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