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Who believes in equality in a partnership and understands it takes two to make it work About me: I grew up in Tasmania and lived in New Zealand for 18yrs.

My family and friends say im Sassy, I say what’s on my mind, but I’m a very loving happy with no hang ups kinda women/tomboy lol im very honest, loyal.

Here we go again with the etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc About me: I am a writer, love travel, animals and nature, love a night out or at home.

I am tertiary educated and a book worm, happy and romantic.

About me: I’m a laboratory technician from Hobart, looking to meet new people to see where it might lead, I’m happy in myself and comfortable with where my life is headed.

I am a single parent of an almost adult and believe it’s time to think about myself and what my future might hold.

What I am looking for: I like a guy that knows how to communicate, takes the time to get to know me and care about my feelings and hobbies.

I would like to know that a man know's how to talk over a problem and nut it out together as a team, not shut down.

What I am looking for: My ideal partner should be not boring. My ideal partner should not be a show off regarding material possessions, I want want money can not buy. About me: I am shy at first but once you get to know me you wouldn't think so. I am currently studying community services and do volunteer work providing meals for people in crisis.

I am looking for a woman about my age who is loving, independent and feels good about her life. Cant find 50 words to keep filling in this box - love good times, happy occassions but life is a balance too. My Interests:reading, dining out, concerts etc Love to be in nature, going out etc.

Spirituality is important as well as my writing, my health, freinds ... Dont spread myself beyond these interests too much so hard to find 50 words.

What I am looking for: I am looking for a woman who is a lesbian and single and about my age, who is happy with her life, intelligent, likes a good conversation, romantic and caring.

Someone who loves animals, nature, preferrably left wing.

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