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In the mid 1960s, Celestion evolved its cornerstone guitar speaker into the ceramic-magnet G12M “Greenback” (rated at 20-25 watts), which were typically found in multiples of four inside closed-back Marshall cabs, setting the early standard for rock’s amp-stack sound.

The Greenback is warm, gritty, and edgy, with a bottom that isn’t particularly firm, but which can still pack plenty of oomph when doing its thing in fours or eights in a closed-back cab or two.

The respective ceramic-magnet descendants of these models—marketed in similar designations with a “C” prefix in place of the “P” prefix—were the voice of many ’60s classics.

Each of these models has some distinctive characteristics, but they are broadly characterized by bell-like highs; somewhat boxy, but rather open and transparent mids; and juicy, saturated lows (to the point of flapping, farting, and all-out low-frequency freak outs in lower-rated units when they’re pushed hard).

Indeed, early guitar amps rarely put out more than the higher figure, until the arrival of the 80-watt Fender Twin of the late 1950s, and a few others.

Despite this fact, the speaker is often the last thing a player considers in any quest to overhaul an unsatisfactory sound.These models usually shared some vintage Jensen properties, but are generally not as revered by players.The original Jensen company has long been out of business, but Italy’s Recoton manufactures a Vintage range based on the most popular alnico and ceramic models of the ’50s and ’60s.Those they found, however, cost more than the lower-rated drivers, so even when available, they weren’t universally employed. A lot of players who weren’t seeking absolute “clean clean” tone enjoyed the added grit, bite, edge, and compression that a touch of speaker distortion adds to the sonic brew.Lower-powered speakers, with all their gorgeous “flaws” became a big part of the rock and roll and blues sounds, and they have retained this role for more than 50 years.

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