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Died in Hampton, Va., September 30, 1913 (age 69 years, 312 days).

Representative from Virginia 2nd District, 1883-87; postmaster at Hampton, Va., 1907-13. Haskell — Libby Heiny-Cogswell — Libby Linebarger — Libby Marshall — Libby Milligan — Libby Ann Moroff — John B.

Born in Detroit, Wayne County, Mich., December 18, 1923. Liberson, Leo — of Portsmouth, Rockingham County, N.

(Soundex L165) — See also BERMAN, BERMANN, EBERMAN, GABERMAN, GLABERMAN, HABERMAN, LEBERMAN, LEBERMANN, LEIBERMAN, LIEBERMAN, LIEBERMANN, LIERMAN, LIVERMAN, OBERMAN, SILBERMAN, SILBERMANN, TIMBERMAN, TOBERMAN. Member of New Hampshire state house of representatives from Portsmouth 5th Ward; elected 1938. Libonati, Roland Victor (1900-1991) — also known as Roland V. Born in Chicago, Cook County, Ill., December 29, 1900. Member of Illinois state house of representatives 17th District, 1930; member of Illinois state senate, 1943-57 (17th District 1943-57, 7th District 1957); U. Representative from Illinois 7th District, 1957-65.

Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from California, 1956; mayor of Santa Cruz, Calif., 1964-65. (Soundex L643) — See also AULT, AYRAULT, BERAULT, BRAULT, CALHERBE, DUPERRAULT, FAUCHERAUD, FILIATRAULT, GERAULT, GIRAULT, JERAULD, MCILLHERON, MULHEREN, MULHERN, MULHERON, PERRAULT, TETRAULT, WILHERMSDORFER.

Consul in Windsor, 1935; Stuttgart, 1936-39; Antwerp, 1939-41; Lisbon, 1941-42; Algiers, 1943-44; U. L'Heureux, Rodolphe — of Manchester, Hillsborough County, N.

The function was named after US physicist Josiah Willard Gibbs.

(Soundex L530) — See also ALMEIDA, AMEDIE, BEDIENT, BEEDIE, CADIEUX, DEDIE, DELHOMME, EDIE, GRANDHOMME, HOMM, HOMME, HOMMEDIEU, HOMMEL, IMMEDIATO, LAMADE, LAMUDE, MCCREDIE, MEEDIE, MOHAMMED, OLMEDO, PRUDHOMME, SPEEDIE, TWEEDIE. Born in Burnham, Waldo County, Maine, December 28, 1878. Editor; superintendent of schools; mayor of Waterville, Maine, 1926-27. Interment at Waterville Cemetery, Waterville, Maine. Libby, Jesse Felt (1857-1936) — also known as Jesse F. School principal; lawyer; real estate business; promoter, director, treasurer, Berlin Aqueduct Company and Cascade Light and Power Company; director, president, Lancaster and Jefferson Electric Light Company; director, Gorham National Bank; promoter, director, Berlin Street Railway; member of New Hampshire state house of representatives, 1903, 1905. Libby, Louise — of Marquette, Marquette County, Mich. Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Michigan, 1940, 1944; Presidential Elector for Michigan, 1944; member of Michigan Democratic State Central Committee, 1947-49. Member, American Bar Association; Federal Bar Association; American Judicature Society. L'Heureux, Hervé Joseph (1899-1957) — also known as Hervé J.

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