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As mentally strong as Capricorn can be, they are prone to bouts of depression.

Life can sometimes beat the optimism out of them and they can end up wallowing in a pool of self pity.

Capricorns carry themselves with a certain dignity and composure that makes them appear wiser beyond their years.Capricorns, however, often have a wry and surprising sense of humor which they will likely use to break the ice and make Taurus laugh. cardinal dynamic and the fact that Taurus being a fixed sign may have difficulty cosigning on some of the abrupt life-changing moves Capricorn may be inspired to make.Taurus is happier with what is familiar to them because it appeals to their need for comfort.During those times, an affectionate Taurus can work their magic to uplift Capricorn’s spirits like no other can.Taurus knows how to soothe the soul with their sensual warmth and knowledge of effective methods of stress reduction.

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As stated earlier, Taurus values security and stability highly and you won’t find a better provider of it than Capricorn.

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